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Business Marketing Service Includes:

Classified Advertising -  TheDailyClassifieds.Com has created an advertising program that incorporates the best of two advertising mediums.
The power of the Internet and the readership loyalty of the neighborhood newspapers. This new offering provides local advertisers an affordable way to advertise in print throughout  the Nashville region while broadcasting their message to the world through Internet Syndication. View Details

Business Videos - Click to see examples
TDC will help you write the content of the video, schedule the video shoot, supply staging advice, shoot the video, do the editing, and syndicate ( upload ) the video to the Video search engines.

Business WebAd (Including Video)- Click to see examples
WebAds are used as a stand alone web site or as an addition web site supporting the customer's current web site.
The WebAd will be listed with the major Search Engines - We enter the address of your new web site into the indexing system for search engines like Google & Yahoo. Your Web Site has cross marketing opportunities available. (See Cross Marketing below.)

Local Business Page -TDC owns and operates a local business web site in each market an example is Your Web Page will be list in all appropriate business categories on the this site.

Classified Ads - www.TheDailyClassifieds.Com
Your business will be listed in the "Business" section and if you have the type of business (example Real Estate) that can benefit from classified advertising you will be able to place unlimited listings throughout 12 months. A no charge personal account will also be provide that will allow you to sell items like cars & boats without mixing these items with your business classifieds.

Business Banner Ads - TDC will create your business banner and strategically place your banner in at least 3 locations throughout TDC. Example - a tire company would have a banner under cars for sale.

Ad-Tracking Phone System - Your business will have the ability to track the source of your phone calls. This system will track up to 10 advertising campaigns at a time and tell you for sure which advertising working for you. Your counselor will review the benefits of this program with you and will take care of all set up for this system.

Internet Business Listings - There are a number marketing opportunities on the Internet like
Maps. TDC will research and list your Business Web Site on those web sites that offer this type of service.

Business Web Address - TDC will provide a primary or secondary web site address ( domain name )for each account. This web address will belong to the customer. TDC will set up an account for you with  to register and manage the domain name. Cross Marketing Opportunities - Your TDC counselor will help you find other local business partners to Cross Market with. To encourage cross marketing, your web page has space for advertising and coupons on the left side of the page. You can use them to barter or produce income from other businesses that can benefit from the association with your business category.

Our Marketing Services:

Marketing Analyses - Your counselor will analyze your current Internet marketing campaigns & business needs.

Marketing Plan - Your counselor will create a marketing plan utilizing one or a combination of TDC marketing tools.

Executing Marketing Plan - Your TDC marketing counselor will implement your marketing plan with a minimal comment of your time. We know how valuable your time is.

Monthly Consultation - Your counselor will be available up to 1 hour per month to discuss the current marketing plan and review other marketing ideas that maybe presented to you. We encourage our business owners to bounce ideas off of our counselors prior to committing to further marketing expenditures.

Performance Reports - You will receive daily reports containing vital Internet traffic information designed to keep you informed of how many people are viewing your web page and where they found it on Internet.  Daily Viewer Report - Ad-Tracker Phone Report





is not transferable. Program details, conditions, and Pricing are subject to change. TDC does not guarantee the number of visitors or success of any advertisement placed by this advertiser. TDC does not warrant any product or service offered by the advertiser. TDC has the right to refuse any advertisement that contains information about illegal activities or items at TDC’s discretion. TDC will provide consistent internet access to the customer’s web page to the best of their ability. TDC can not guarantee 100% internet access due to an act of god or conditions created at a remote hosting facility. TDC has the right to void this agreement for non payment and collect the remaining amount due per agreement. 877-489-8250